London Escapes – looking for artistic owner

Last year, in May, I started a walking group for people interested in art called London Escapes. Every month we would venture out of London into the countryside and ‘discover’ something artistic in the wilds.

I think my favourite event was the Swanage Pumpkin Festival trip

Close up of a huge pumpkin

The strong man and the marrow

Or it could have been the ‘Prehistoric White Horse on the Hill’ trip – it was such a stunning landscape. We had over a 100 photo uploads by members including some beautiful perspectives… here’s a couple.

Amo jumping by Alok

by Alok

By London Escapes member Alok

Sheri on the chalk eye of the horse

by Sheri

by London Escapes member Sheri

Whilst all this was going on, I was still running the Cartoon Figure Drawing club. In June this year, I started a third group, the Cartoon Heart Club and I reached a point where I  was spreading myself too thin. So with a wrench (I was really torn) I decided to really work hard on Cartoon Heart and leave London Escapes on hold.

So London Escapes needs a new owner. No way am I going to delete this group! There’s so much in here: over 600 members, albums of brilliant travel photos, folders of detailed walk info, even video on a London Escapes youtube channel and twitter feed set up. Mainly it’s the arty spirit that makes this group special.

London Escapes would be perfect for someone looking to start a new business or organisation that connects people with arts and the countryside.

A new approach that could work for the group: connect up with artists who live and work in the countryside and let them lead walks or art trails they are familiar with. Could include studio visits. There’s so much you could do with this group.

Please leave a comment if you are interested in taking on the group, or have any questions about it. And do forward this post on to any friend or associate you think might be interested.

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