Spectator Sport – The Royal Wedding

I thought that April 29 would have been the big day but as it turns out the snap and crackle do come before the pop. Thursday 28 was actually my best day’s shooting.

The scene outside Buckingham Palace on Wednesday evening was fascinating. A huge and very tasteful green condominium of TV studios had been erected for the best views of Buckingham Palace. Each studio had a large window through which you could glimpse the presenters facing camera and lights. I rather like the BBC’s panoramic image of this which is such high resolution you can probably spot a fly on the wall. Reminds a bit of an eBoy poster.

I had a go at photographing one of the Euro presenters who was interviewing passersby in front of the condo. It got a bit complicated, since she was trying to get (or set up) shots of people photographing the condo and each other in front of the condo and I got roped in. In other words, everyone was shooting each other shooting. It was also quite fun throughout the whole event, trying to work out who people were. Under cover cops, over cover cops, presenters, off duty presenters or innocent bystanders?

This man, for example, may have been a hippy on his way back from a meditation class and the guy behind him may have been a window cleaner…

Really, I couldn’t get enough of TV presenters, it was so interesting being able to get close to them. They arrived en masse like some kind of rare bird flock on their way to Summer breeding.

I tagged this photograph ‘welly’ and it attracted a funny man. I’m not going to link to his flickr photostream right now but perhaps you can find it if you search for ‘rubber’.

An executive presenter type:

However, the main spectacle was the spectators themselves, camping out at Westminster Abbey. When I saw them, I really thought ‘fish in a barrel’ and then I thought ‘PG Tips monkeys’.

They were fenced into a special enclosure and they all seemed to be drinking nice cups of tea and wearing fancy dress. The police had organised a one way system so that spectators of the spectators could walk around it all anti-clockwise. At the back of the camp was a tiered series of platforms bristling with TV cameras, presenters and film crew. It was quite hard to photograph, mainly because there was so much choice – I kept turning from one thing to another. And the police were hustling everyone along, but it was easier at the back. Here’s a nice one that has a bit of everything in it:

It’s funny how you get serendipity in life, because as I write this I can hear monkey screeches coming from the downstairs flat!

Here’s one I quite like post wedding. Trampled daffodils:

Here is a Royal Bedding shop window display designed for a Chicago sex shop, by Lee Kay who I met on flickr (commented on one of my shop window pics).

I’d be interested to see any cool sets of Royal Wedding photos that other people have taken – post comments with links if you like.

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